Author: Trausti

  • Audio Examples: Super-Human Speech Separation

    Here are audio samples for the worlds first (and only?) Super-Human Speech Separation System. Click Here for 2006 Audio Examples page.

  • Shell scripts in Javascript.

    I’m a big fan of javascript. My first taste of javascript was during a bout of insomnia when I wrote a little night light sleeping aid that replaced a 50$ gadget. Then came real time synthesis of chimes, then face recognition in the browser. The one thing that I missed was being able to do […]

  • Real time PCM output in Javascript and Web Audio API

    Recently I upgraded a little piece of code that does real time synthesis of chimes to use the Web Audio API. Originally it was written with the simple Mozilla Audio Data API, which has been deprecated in favor of the far more capable but complex Web Audio API. This is a quick post on real […]

  • Candy Crush Monetization and Virality

    What can app developers learn from Candy Crush?  I spent a Saturday afternoon “studying” Candy Crush and taking heaps of screenshots and found the monetization and social features to be fascinating. The game Candy Crush is a lot of fun and really addictive. It’s so addictive that I wouldn’t recommend trying it if you have […]

  • Scientific American Magazine features our work on Super Human Speech Separation

    The April 2011 issue of Scientific American Magazine features our work on “Super Human Speech Separation”. Scientific American: Solving the Cocktail Party Problem Congrats to the team!!

  • Super-Human Multi-Talker Speech Recognition: The IBM 2006 Speech Separation Challenge System

    T. Kristjansson,  J. Hershey,  P. Olsen,  S. Rennie,  R. Gopinath, Interspeech 2006, Winner of PASCAL Speech Separation Challenge Abstract: We describe a system for model based speech separation which achieves super-human recognition performance when two talkers speak at similar levels. The system can separate the speech of two speakers from a single channel recording with remarkable […]